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Despierta Boricua Radio

Despierta Boricua Archive:

Sunday January 26:

An interview with educator/martial artist/health enthusiast Fernando Reals, one of the administrators of the Paleo Rican and Friends Facebook group.  He will be talking with us about the Paleo Lifestyle and its health benefits.
Bens radio broadcast
Benjamin Ramos (Despierta_Boricua_1-26-14)

Sunday January 12:

An interview with Hugo Delgado Ortiz, a Physics teacher and spokesperson of El Movimiento Socialista de Trabajadores, talked to us about the teachers' strike.

David Baida (David Baida's Album)

Despierta Boricua is a ten minute Radio segment produced for WBAI 99.5 FM by The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign. Despierta Boricua airs every other Sunday at 4pm on Con Sabor Latino.

You can also listen via webstream at : and if you miss it visit the WBAI archives at:

Produced by Benjamin Ramos of ProLIbertad, Despierta Boricua is dedicated to providing the New York City listening audience with the latest news and updates on Puerto Rican politics and culture from U.S. based Puerto Rican communities and the island of Puerto Rico.

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign seeks community members to contribute to our radio segment; if there is a story idea or segment proposal you would like to see Despierta Boricua explore, please email ProLibertad.


Despierta Boricua on Sunday November 30th at 4pm: 

That week's segment will be posted later...